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The Hub is a center of programs and services for all ages addressing the felt needs of the community. We are creating a set of facilities and services that are designed to improve the triple bottom line of personal and family development: education and skills, health and wellbeing, and economic opportunity and stability.  The Hub is the place where the whole community is welcome and those in need can plug into our network of love, support and commitment to community transformation. 


Many individuals and families in our community are falling through the cracks. Our region has experienced significant economic change through loss of industry and jobs and we have long-standing areas of persistent poverty and economic isolation. While not severely economically distressed, we have one of the highest opioid death rates in the state, a higher poverty rate than the average in the state, and a lack of economic progress relative to some of our peers in Western North Carolina.


Underneath the statistics, we know there are people in our community that are suffering. Very few McDowell residents have families, friends and neighbors whose lives have been untouched by difficult economic forces and circumstances, substance abuse disorder, access to healthcare challenges, food insecurity and instability in family life. We are prepared to take on these community and individual challenges one person and one family at a time 

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