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Image by Tierra Mallorca


Education & Skills

After school program, youth mentoring, technology center, music and media center, summer sessions, Nebo Crossing Academy and Junior Academy Preschool 

Economic Opportunity and Stability

Job success training, reentry program, financial literacy, food security center, farm hub, commercial and commissary kitchen, food industry workforce training, community-accessible event, training facilities, home ownership counseling 


Health and Wellness

Substance abuse disorder treatment, parent support, teaching kitchen, senior services, athletic and fitness facilities, classes and leagues 

Large auditorium, conference facilities, large event and banquet accommodation, community meeting rooms, community organization incubation 

Event, Meeting and Community Space

Project Benefits

  • The Hub will fulfill educational, economic and health needs that are not being met by the economy, other institutions or government. 

  • The facilities and programs will bring together many and various community partnerships across the not-for-profit, private and public sectors, leveraging resources in ways that are otherwise not possible. 

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